Crafting a Customized Ceremony

love a good wedding ceremony. I love thoughtful elements that make it clear that the couple took the time to really think about what they wanted. I have always known that Mr. O and I would write our own wedding vows and also recite traditional vows as well. A few weeks after we were engaged I showed him some different templates and ideas and we both agreed that we wanted to take elements from several to make our own.  My favorite post on vows is hands down Mrs. Pencil’s Our Vows and the Lord of the Rings. I cried through that entire post and was so moved by her words and the thought behind them. I loved that the vows gave her guests a glimpse into the relationship she and Mr. Pencil’s have. I was also really appreciative of the fact that she shared her template with the Hive and I definitely used elements of it when it came to writing my own, as did Mr. O.

We also really wanted our reading selections to be fun and reflect our personalities. We also wanted a way to include our adult siblings. Fortunately for us, when we asked they happily agreed to take on the challenge. We offered them the freedom to choose their own passages or if they felt more comfortable, we were happy to select one for them. My little brother M knew exactly what he wanted to read, Corinthians 13:4-13. I think he was inspired by a movie he loves… a little movie called A Walk to Remember (don’t tell him I told you!).


A Walk to Remember/ via We Read to Know

Middle brother D didn’t really get the concept at first, he seemed to think I wanted something more like a toast so I decided to be the helpful and controlling big sister I can be at times and select for him, he will be reading a piece called “A Lovely Love Story” which I had originally planned for Mr. O’s little sister, E, to read (she asked us to choose for her).


Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? / via Eclectic Unions

After thinking about it more, I decided she would be better suited to read the other passage from the book, I Like You. (INSERT BOOK PIC)Each piece is short and sweet but also embraces the humor that serves as a vital aspect of Mr. O and my relationship.


I love this book and I got it for Mr. O on our first Valentine’s Day together/ via Dan’s Papers

I am going to share a few of my favorite Biblical passages about marriage with Pam, our minister, if she feels it appropriate to incorporate them. I trust her to come up with something lovely, as I mentioned before.  Mr. Orchard and I are also planning on having a box ceremony which is when a couple takes a letter that each of them has written to the other, as well as a bottle of wine, and seals it into a box which is to be stored for the next ten years or until our first big fight. I’ve seen some beautiful pictures from these ceremonies and I think it will be a nice wedding artifact to have in the house.

box ceremony

So pretty! / via Romantic Boxes

How are you customizing your ceremony? What readings are you incorporating?

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